Poser 11.2

Animation suite designed for working with 3D and 2D models

Poser is an animation suite designed to appeal to both professional artists and amateur animation enthusiasts working with 3D and 2D models. The program allows for creation of impressive visuals and models to be rendered as part of larger projects or left as works of art with their own merit.

The latest versions of Poser let you use the built-in Pixar Subdivision Surfaces library of objects, incorporating various shapes, forms and sizes, then render the object or shape you need using the rendering engine called Firefly. Model creation and placing is aided by the Bullet Physics system for simulating realistic behavior of rigid and soft surfaces, which helps create a dynamic feel of the imagery and models. Magnet Deformer plugins are available to help you adjust model position and location, deform and change model shapes any way you want.

One of the strongest points of Poser is that it lets you use quick and stable preview modes, the Raytrace preview, where you remain capable of adjusting the models and their poses using improved tools and enjoying accelerated OpenGl speed. You can even use the Morph brush and node components to quickly create complex objects, correct the colors and do pretty much anything until you get the visuals you desire, all in real time.

Poser is a strong, elegant and serious toolset for people who want to make some real animation or go into model creation.

James Lynch
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  • Great rendering and physics engine
  • Useful adjustment plugins
  • Handy and quick preview modes


  • A bit expensive
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